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Mr. President,


My name is Venant Debomame

I am a member of the NGO Generation Ekang.

My duty as a pan-African obliges me to send you this correspondence in order to draw your attention to the events that are currently taking place on American soil.

I would like to remind you that this land was first ours before leaving it to the Amerindians, more than two thousand years before your ancestors set foot there. I must also remind you that your ancestors settled there because they fled, poverty, cold and wars in Europe.


Mr. President,
The death of my brother, George Floyd, who was killed on Monday by a serial killer who became a police officer in your nation country, could not leave me in silence, for as, as Lord Desmond TUTU said,
“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, so you chose the side of the oppressor. ”


Mr. President,
Remember that the only people who have managed to stay alive despite the abuses they have suffered in history are the black people. Let him be from Africa, his mother earth, then in the diaspora.
Even today, of all the indigenous peoples, the black people are those who have maintained themselves in America to the detriment of the original peoples, the Amerindians, for example.


This means that there are only two types of people in the USA today: 
  • 1. The sons of the sellers of slaves (you)
  • 2. The descendants of the strong men who helped you become humans (Africans, blacks)
 Give these communities a taste for living the American dream, please.
Treat your words and be the President of the United States. A union of foreigners and indigenous people on American soil, once called Tara Na. Which means in my native language, Father of my grandmother.


Yours sincerely, Mr. President
Venant Debomame
From Libreville, Gabon 
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